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Google "Google was scheduled to post third quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday, but unexpectedly they were released around 12:31 PM in New York, revealing a big miss on profit. The company also missed expectations on revenue." I have no idea if the figures are bad, and if so, how bad. I mean, missing analysts' estimates doesn't really say anything useful, does it?
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Three things
by zaine_ridling on Thu 18th Oct 2012 20:01 UTC
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(1) More than $2bn profit for three months is nothing to laugh at.
(2) Apps are eating into search, i.e., skip the google search box or google app and go directly to 3rd party app itself. Also, lots of people are buying into the proprietary Amazon market for some reason.
(3) Google sold 8 million Nexus 7 tablets, which is a big positive for things to come as they team with Samsung for better hardware among tablets, Chromebooks, and Chromebox.

And let's not forget we're in the worst economic times since the early 1930s. If you have a decent job, you're fortunate. The rest of us are stalled in neutral for now.

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RE: Three things
by jared_wilkes on Thu 18th Oct 2012 20:58 in reply to "Three things"
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Where did you read that Google sold 8 million Nexus 7s this quarter?

I know there's an old article about an analyst predicting the possibility that they could sell as much as 8 million Nexus 7s by year end, but that's a different time span, a prediction, and from an analyst. Nowhere in Google's announcement, nor thus far on the call, have they stated a figure for Nexus 7 units sold in the financial quarter.

But maybe I've missed it... so I ask: where did you read that Google sold 8 million 7s?

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