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Google "Google was scheduled to post third quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday, but unexpectedly they were released around 12:31 PM in New York, revealing a big miss on profit. The company also missed expectations on revenue." I have no idea if the figures are bad, and if so, how bad. I mean, missing analysts' estimates doesn't really say anything useful, does it?
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It's hard to understand
by sukru on Thu 18th Oct 2012 20:05 UTC
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They make a lot of profit, but still their shares lose 10% value in a day.

These kind of pushes for unreasonable expectations are the main cause of greediness in businesses. If people would be content with regular profits, then I believe there would be less patent wars, and abrupt layoffs.

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At a basic level, stocks are often valued according to there revenue per share as well as growth potential. The stock was priced according to what the analysts predicted for their earnings report. That value was off, thus the stock was over priced for the actual amount of revenue, profits they are producing and investors sold off.

Is that greed? I don't think it is. The greed imho, isn't the sell off, its the often speculative build up ( I'm not saying that's the case for the google stock ).

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