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Zeta "The BeOS obsession is still an unsolved mystery to me. I threw open the crypt and ventured inside, but I left without revelation. Once I got ZETA to boot, yes, it ran reasonably fast, but whatever bug infects people with love for this OS didn't bite."
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RE: Zeta is garbage
by Sauron on Tue 1st Nov 2005 07:11 UTC
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I must agree. I run BeOS max usually without any problems whatsoever, hardware is recognised ect. I installed zeta v1.0 when released on the same machine and hardly anything was recognised or worked. I mean, come on yt an audigy 2 sound card is hardly obscure hardware is it? Needless to say zeta got scrapped and beos max was put back on the partition! Yt had better do a lot better than this!

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