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Google This has always bothered me. Google buys a huge hardware company called Motorola, and people expect new Google phones to appear within a few weeks or months. Of course, anybody with more than two brain cells to rub together realises buying and integrating such a huge company isn't something you just do in a few weeks or months. Luckily, The Verge reports Google has just stated the obvious.
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RE: Razr I(ntel)
by phoenix on Mon 22nd Oct 2012 20:03 UTC in reply to "Razr I(ntel)"
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If only they'd spent a little more [time|money] on the GPU, they'd have a killer product. The PowerVR SGX540 is ancient and slow, and really drags the entire product down. Intel has a good CPU (way better than a Cortex-A8, better than a single-core Cortex-A9, equivalent to/better than some dual-core Cortex-A9s), good memory controller, good peripherals ... but it's all dragged down by the GPU.

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