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Linux Here's a topic guaranteed to start controversy. Which Linux distribution is best? It all depends on your criteria for judging. Even then the topic is highly subjective. Here are a few nominees for "best distro" in specific categories.
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RE: Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
by delta0.delta0 on Wed 24th Oct 2012 07:02 UTC in reply to "Red Hat Enterprise Linux."
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Linux is a PITA compared to FreeBSD ? Are you sure about that ?

I have had to maintain both in server environments, I would never use FreeBSD as my desktop OS, FreeBSD without the GNU utilities is just balls, same with Sun Solaris as it goes, nothing beats BASH that is just my personal opinion and imo it is:

"One Shell to rule them all. One Shell to find them. One Shell to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them."

Sun Solaris (I refuse to call it oracle) is in a funny position I am seeing a slight resurgence mainly I think due to ZFS, but for the most part it has or is being replaced wholesale for Linux primarily RHEL. Most jobs seem to require a solid understanding of Solaris as they are migrating from it to RHEL or one of the clones.

I am Unix / Linux Engineer by trade, one of the main reasons I just find windows such a total PITA. You couldn't pay me to use windows, it doesn't have bash therefore it sucks imho, I just cant do any real work with it, to me opening office to get "real" work done is such a joke, give me vim please k thanks.

Mac OSX is a difficult one, I have a MacBook Pro and I have mountain Lion on it and it runs like butter, ive never had performance related issues its fairly new to be fair, but I actually run Kubuntu on it full time.

OSX is ok, I have nothing against it I am just far more productive in Linux. I love Konsole for example, I love the file system control I have in Linux, I cant live without LVM and NFS the way I do my partitioning is pretty non standard I've got it tweaked for SSD's and it runs brilliantly.

Also the fact that I have virtualisation tech built right into the kernel (I mainly use Xen on servers, but run KVM locally) is just another blessing and again I rely on LVM as I prefer raw disk access over file based drives.

This sort of stuff windows is only now catching up with the horror that is windows 8, ugh that ui is retarded.

As for the Whole RHEL vs the rest, both have advantages / disadvantages

Debian handles Apache configuration better the way it splits the sites into sites_enabled is just logical, the way they handle configurations across multiple files is saner, the way it handles network interfaces imho is more logical.

RHEL built in kick start is brilliant, on Debian you have FAI which does the job just as well. Redhat has many built in scripted tools to make maintenance / management easier also it has a lot of tools to make management of stuff like clustering easier.

To be honest, the differences are negligible both of them have been rock solid never had any issues with managing either and for that matter same with Sun Solaris and FreeBSD they are also Rock solid platforms as well. Unix / Linux environments are just awesome, I love working in them.

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