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Apple It's one of those days again: Apple held a product announcement today, announcing several new products. The most important of which was rumoured about for a long time now: a smaller iPad. It's called the iPad mini, and has the potential to become the best-selling iPad - and thus, the best selling tablet.
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by unclefester on Wed 24th Oct 2012 08:38 UTC
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The Blackberry Playbook was released in 2010 with overall better hardware than the iPad mini. The Playbook is also around half the price.

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RE: yawn
by MollyC on Wed 24th Oct 2012 10:27 in reply to "yawn"
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Maybe, but it's from RIM, who is one of the companies the tech media loves to piss on and root against.

Apple is on the other extreme, where they get praised for even mediocre crap, like the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. That people are actually going to praise and buy that thing for $1700 just because it has "retina" display, despite being mediocre in all other aspects, is a joke, but is also a credit to Apple's marketing machine, and is also an illustration of the tech media allowing Apple to get away murder (figuratively speaking, of course).

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RE[2]: yawn
by zima on Sat 27th Oct 2012 01:38 in reply to "RE: yawn"
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RIM - something to do with "blame Canada!"?

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RE: yawn
by henderson101 on Thu 25th Oct 2012 23:18 in reply to "yawn"
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It's not about hardware though, it's about software. The RIM software is still in catch up mode and the amount of apps is a joke. Coupled with the fact that RIM seem to have EOL'd the original Playbook (and all retailer are desperately trying to offload them at super-discounted prices, a 64GB one is under £200 now, more like £130 if you shop around), the future seems pretty bleak to me.

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