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Apple It's one of those days again: Apple held a product announcement today, announcing several new products. The most important of which was rumoured about for a long time now: a smaller iPad. It's called the iPad mini, and has the potential to become the best-selling iPad - and thus, the best selling tablet.
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RE[3]: iPad 2 owners rejoice
by darknexus on Wed 24th Oct 2012 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: iPad 2 owners rejoice"
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Are you sure you know apple?? You do realize that even the old 3GS phones are running the new iOS, right? (sure, not with all functions, but still...)

The same cannot be said of the first gen iPad, even though it has more capable hardware than the 3gs. No iOS 6 for them, and for no better reason than Apple wants to use planned obsolescence techniques.

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RE[4]: iPad 2 owners rejoice
by helf on Thu 25th Oct 2012 21:01 in reply to "RE[3]: iPad 2 owners rejoice"
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Yeah, darn them Apple! *shakes fist!*

Because not updating the iPad 1 to "force" people to upgrade, yet still updating their 3GS phone which has not 2 newer replacement models, like the iPad, but 3(!) at time of (iOS 6) release means Apple obviously just wants people to upgrade.


The little fact that the iPad 1 has almost the same specs as the 3gs yet a larger resolution screen and heavier tablet apps to toss around in 256mb of ram probably has nothing to do with it? Apple probably decided the performance was not good enough. And even then, why do people care? The iPad 1 is 2.5 years old. This is ancient in the computing world.

And it isn't like the iPad 1 is suddenly useless. iOS5.x will still have app support for a while yet. And even when apps stop supporting it, are the ones already on it suddenly going to quit working? no?

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RE[5]: iPad 2 owners rejoice
by helf on Fri 26th Oct 2012 15:58 in reply to "RE[4]: iPad 2 owners rejoice"
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Really? I get downvoted? I see not much has changed in the past 10 years around here :p

At least it isn't as bad as Ars now! That new comment voting system they implemented has brought out the fanboys from every side. It is AMAZING how fast various types of comments will get voted into oblivion.

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