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Windows "I've been writing about Windows for almost 20 years, and I feel like I've kind of seen it all. But for the past several days, I've been struggling under the weight of the most brutal email onslaught I've ever endured over these two decades. And if my email is any indication, and I believe it is, the majority of people out there have absolutely no idea what Windows RT is. This is a problem." When even Paul Thurrot is worried, you can be sure it is, actually, a problem. We're going to see and hear about a lot of frustrated customer who can't load up their 1997 copy of Awesome Garden Designer 2.0 Deluxe.
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RE[3]: Comment by sagum
by zima on Thu 25th Oct 2012 04:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by sagum"
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Winamp is most likely still quite popular. One reasonably reliable source of stats shows iTunes at ~30% and Winamp at ~20%, a comparable reach (curiously, it shows WMP at 33... not sure what that means, maybe Steam can determine if WMP is actually used)

What you see locally might be influenced by large, in my experience, geographical differences in software usage. Kinda like what is clearly visible with browsers or office suites or mobile phones (some clearly visible differences after checking few of reports) or IM networks (ICQ for example is still going strong CIS; plus it looks like we'll have WhatsApp in the western world, LINE in eastern; and at my place, a dominant position is held by IM network you haven't even heard about).

Same with iPods and iPhones - apart from relatively few ~western places, they generally barely exist in the rest of the world. That alone should greatly influence the adoption of iTunes and its alternatives.

For what personal anecdotes are worth - here, in central Europe, I rarely see people using iTunes. Winamp is definitely a more frequent sight. And on ("now playing" of other people usually displays their player) those two plus Spotify seem to get roughly equal share, IIRC; even foobar2k shows up quite frequently.

I think you mean Nullsoft BTW. ;) And I suppose international downloads omitted AOL package...

And that is MSFT in 2012 in a nutshell, instead of accepting the fact that like IBM with the mainframe while Windows will pretty much own the desktop forever the world simply isn't gonna revolve around desktops like it did in the 90s and thus letting their other divisions to get out from under the Windows legacy and truly innovate they instead keep trying to tie everything back to "the product" that made their fortune back in the day while refusing to see those glory days are past.

Hm, Xbox and Skype (totally multi-platform) divisions show that to be not quite the case?

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