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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, one of its most prominent and most controversial features was the on-screen keyboard. In as world dominated by devices with physical keyboards, it was seen as a joke, something that could never work. We know better by now, of course, but while I still prefer the physical feel and clicks of a real keyboard, a recent new endeavour of mine has made me appreciate the on-screen keyboard in a whole new way.
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my humble correction about "indo-european"
by sameer on Sat 27th Oct 2012 08:26 UTC
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there is no such thing like "indo-european languages". what there is actually, is the aryan or irani languages like farsi, german, sanskrit, dari and others.

the term "indo-european languages" is a british invention ( or at least propagation ) who wanted to prop-up the hindus of india in the 1700's and 1800's against the muslim rulers of india, especially the greatest of south asian leaders - tipu sultan, the tiger of mysore.

secondly, is chinese really a "sino-tibetan language" or is that term again a invention of the british east india company.

lastly, about arabic... it is a beautiful language. only under it, the irani people contributed technologically to the world. otherwise, iran before islam was just a money-rich kingdom.

i am a socialist ( and follower of muammar qaddhafi ) and always keep the political aspect in mind of most things :-)

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You do realize that "Aryan" has negative connotations thanks to Nazi usage, yes?

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"iran" means "land of the aryan". ancient word.

the connection with nazi-ism is just from the tine of hitler.

this is the national airlines of afghanistan -

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