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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, one of its most prominent and most controversial features was the on-screen keyboard. In as world dominated by devices with physical keyboards, it was seen as a joke, something that could never work. We know better by now, of course, but while I still prefer the physical feel and clicks of a real keyboard, a recent new endeavour of mine has made me appreciate the on-screen keyboard in a whole new way.
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"persia" is a greek word. it refers to i think either fars region of iran, or the farsi language.

edit : the irani king called "cyrus" by europeans was actually by name "kuroosh".

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Yeah, in Western usage Persia was the preferred name until 1935. There's a Persian restaurant called Arya in the Greenhills area of San Juan, Metro Manila. My guess is that calling it Iranian cuisine wouldn't be as popular thanks to the current government in Iran.

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hello johann, thanks for the detailed reply.

i think the owners of that restaurant want to popularize their culture in terms on ancient-ness. maybe the owners are zarthushti ( zoroastrian ) or maybe calling themselves "muslim".

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