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Windows "The Surface is a nice tablet. The design and aesthetic are pleasing, the feel in the hands, particularly of the kickstand and magnetic cover connection is excellent. But is it worth buying on the day of release?" After these three reviews, I still want a Surface RT. As much as I think Metro - and especially its applications - has a long way to go, I feel like I should reward the fact that Microsoft dares to be different. Too bad Microsoft doesn't want me to buy one.
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RE: Reward MS for a walled garden?
by zima on Mon 29th Oct 2012 05:11 UTC in reply to "Reward MS for a walled garden?"
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Why would you want to reward MS for releasing something that can only run approved apps?
[...] soon, Linux might be the only OS left where you can do what you want. Like install a torrent client. If, by then, you can find hardware it is allowed to run on.

He has no qualms rewarding Apple for that, so...

And it shouldn't be that bad - at worst, the Chinese should be able to provide fairly open hardware, they supposedly strive for technology independence with Loongson and such (and BTW, CoCom embargos didn't do much to stop the flow of PC tech into CCCP from... China: )

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