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Google While Microsoft is unveiling all about Windows Phone 8, Google ruined the party a little bit by 'leaking' all about Android 4.2, the Nexus 10 tablet, and the new Nexus phone, the LG Nexus 4. There's some pretty awesome stuff in here from Google - except for the fact the devices themselves are kind of ugly.
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by nemith on Tue 30th Oct 2012 06:53 UTC
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I wouldn't call the two devices Ugly by any means.

The Nexus 4 looks very sleek and with that glass back and subtle grid of shiny specs. I bet it looks pretty great up close. Simple and not showy. I think the Nexus 4 is a damn sexy phone.

The Nexus 10 has grown on me from the first leak i saw to the current the pictures with the release. The reviews says that it is a solid device and the back is similar to the Nexus 7.

I believe a big goal with the devices is to break the mold of making devices very similar to Apple and experiment with different looking devices. The Nexus 10 won't be confused with the other 50 Android (and non-android) tablets when set on a table with the screen is off. This is good thing and it's Google trying to differentiate that they are not just another company wanting to clone Apple's success by doing very similar designs.

The Nexus 4 shows this, but I believe the Nexus 10 is really going after something unique (and maybe not all that showy).

I will probably be getting both. Although I have owned every other device with the Nexus name on it so far so I am a bit of sucker for the "brand"/

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RE: Ugly...
by cdude on Tue 30th Oct 2012 19:37 in reply to "Ugly..."
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Looks for me as the Nexus 4 is foremost a push to the lower end segment. A cheap & yet long term supported power phone. With all competition pricing there devices at iPhone level Google delivering also to the low(er) price segments is clever. I am sure this will sell well just like the cheap(er) 7 tablets that hit market like a bomb. There is a huge demand for low cost devices and google is, if not filling them then at least contributing to more choice in that segment.

I hope there next target is a <$100 phone bringing more choice into the S40+Bada dumbphone landscape and increasing Android's market share future beyond the smartphone segment. Its the right time to focus on JB like performance improvements rather then doubling the number of CPU's and RAM with every new Nexus. Better concentrate on battery life, on fluid workflows and on cheap devices.

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RE[2]: Ugly...
by jimmystewpot on Thu 1st Nov 2012 07:24 in reply to "RE: Ugly..."
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The one problem that they face by pushing to the lower end of the market is.. How do you monetise if nobody buys applications then what is the attraction for developers. I am a huge android fan and almost always BUY an application as opposed to use the free versions for the simple reason that I hate advertising getting in the way of a clean experience.

That's the same reason why I love vanilla android.. I loath the bloat that samsung, htc and others put in to their roms.. then people wonder why it takes so long for them to update.. not really surprising.

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