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Windows Steve Ballmer has just announced that in the first three days of being on sale, more than 4 million people have bought the Windows 8 upgrade. This doesn't count OEM installations or Microsoft's own Surface - just individual upgrades. Definitely a promising start for Windows 8, but then, these are most likely enthusiasts (I'm one of those four million), so we still don't know a whole lot. I'm patiently waiting for the response from regular consumers.
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RE[5]: WindowzzZ
by Morgan on Wed 31st Oct 2012 08:45 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: WindowzzZ"
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As I have mentioned it literally flew even on my Nokia N900, and that thing is seriously underpowered.

That's precisely the conversation I was referencing; if you remember I was kicking myself for selling my N900 after discussing that with you.

One just has to know what features to tick, which ones to leave out, and what CFLAGS to apply. Oh, and kernel configuration matters also quite a lot -- there's hundreds of pages of documentation on how to optimize the kernel for this or that task on Gentoo.

That's where it's going to be difficult for me. Right now the Mac mini is my "production" machine so I'll probably practice Gentoo on an older box I keep Win98 on for classic gaming and native BeOS. But, that means days of compiling vs hours. I think in the long run it's worth the effort though.

Granted, I don't do music stuff -- I'm about as creative as a round rock -- and therefore I can't offer much guidance on that, but atleast on Gentoo it's terribly easy to include support for JACK everywhere and leave PulseAudio out if you have no need for it, and a quick google reveals quite a few discussions about how to go about creating a real-time Gentoo-installation.

Hey, I'm probably not much better; for all of my 20 years of playing guitar and bass, I doubt even an amateur band would want me to fill in at a gig. I just do it for the love of the music and to keep my dexterity up. That said, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my sound, and I can't afford thousands of dollars of "real" gear so I settle for software processing.

I'll definitely explore some realtime Gentoo action. I may hit you up on G+ for general help along the way though. ;)

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