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Windows Steve Ballmer has just announced that in the first three days of being on sale, more than 4 million people have bought the Windows 8 upgrade. This doesn't count OEM installations or Microsoft's own Surface - just individual upgrades. Definitely a promising start for Windows 8, but then, these are most likely enthusiasts (I'm one of those four million), so we still don't know a whole lot. I'm patiently waiting for the response from regular consumers.
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RE[3]: WindowzzZ
by marcp on Wed 31st Oct 2012 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: WindowzzZ"
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You are only showing your own attitude by going after this guy [original poster]. I don't think his main site is related in any way to his post on OSNews. He doesn't talk about religion and stuff. He wrote about Windows.
Stop trolling, Morgan.

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RE[4]: WindowzzZ
by Morgan on Wed 31st Oct 2012 09:18 in reply to "RE[3]: WindowzzZ"
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You obviously haven't read any of his older posts. Go through his comment history and you'll understand what trolling really is. He most certainly does bring up religion to try to validate his views that Windows is a tool of the Devil.

I have nothing against him personally, but when you troll a tech site from time to time, then post on your public-facing blog that you're looking for a woman to be your slave, that's just asking for a joke at your expense.

Besides, this and my previous post are far off topic so they will likely get modded down soon enough, so why even worry about it?

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RE[4]: WindowzzZ
by bassbeast on Thu 1st Nov 2012 21:32 in reply to "RE[3]: WindowzzZ"
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Marc, click on his name, check his posting history. the guy is a foul mouthed little troll that ends up quoting scripture in the middle of arguments about OSes, I think the guy has had the cheese slip off his cracker. the fact that as Morgan pointed out he has posted in public no less that he is looking for a "slave wife" just makes the guy cannon fodder, i mean c'mon marc, how can you NOT enjoy ragging this crazy?

And since the guy is calling all of US dirty filthy things I think using his own words against him is 100% fair game, I mean he is calling werecat filthy names because she is gay yet he is looking for some S&M love slave? Give me a break!

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