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Windows "There may be a time in the future when all the bugs have been fixed, the third-party app support has arrived, and some very smart engineers in Redmond have ironed out the physical kinks in this type of product which prevent it from being all that it can be. But that time isn't right now - and unfortunately for Microsoft, the clock is ticking." The Verge's review is not so positive, because they focus on what Surface is now.
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RE: Toy
by zima on Wed 31st Oct 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "Toy"
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If it can't run Solid Works and compile a kernel it is just a stylish new toy

Because so many people care about Solid Works or compiling kernels (hell, by now the kernel-compiling thing is never done by a vast majority of desktop Linux users, I'm sure), on their highly portable tablet...

But WRT UIs in general: especially ~CAD of various kind could be awesome on (large) touchscreens down the line - back to the drawing board model of interaction, after the short detour to unnatural, unwieldy (decoupled from input) monitors.

And I imagine that some apps for Chinese social networks will show up quickly...

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