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Windows "Taiwanese computer maker Acer is putting off the launch of tablets using Microsoft's new Windows RT operating system to give itself time to see how Microsoft's own Surface tablet fares. The world's No. 4 PC vendor by shipments initially planned to roll out Windows RT tablets based on ARM chips early next year. However, the launch of Microsoft's tablet last week and the mixed reviews it has drawn has prompted Acer to wait and see until at least the second quarter of 2013." Whatever the reason, this doesn't send a very promising message about Windows RT. Or, not entirely unlikely, Acer and other OEMs just can't measure up to Surface RT.
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"On the plus side, if Intel keeps improving their power efficiency, we may simply see Windows RT fade into irrelevancy as the tablets and micro-laptops switch to Intel."

I know what you mean, it'd be good for Windows RT restrictions to fade away into history, but like you say it'd be unfortunate if ARM were to loose out on the desktop on account of microsoft's divisive politics.

"Rumor mill: ARM MacBook Airs in the next couple years with x86 app emulation and native ARM apps as fat binaries?"

I would very much welcome that on the condition that the device were open. But with apple that's far from a given.

Edit: I would absolutely love apple right now if they came out and said "You know what guys, the walled garden was a lousy thing to do to our customers, from now on we're going to open our devices and allow customers to choose what they can run on their devices. We believe our customers will *choose* our application store because it's superior to the alternatives, not because we've locked users into our services."

This would earn apple a tremendous amount of good faith in the market, apple fanboys would still love them, but more importantly the rest of us would too. I think the tables would be turned on microsoft instantly, who would be caught with their pants down. It'd be a shocking move, but apple would totally redeem themselves in my book if they did it to become champions of open computing.

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