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Apple "Earlier this week Apple fired Scott Forstall, the architect of its iOS platform, and handed his duties over to the company's chief industrial designer, Jonathan Ive. Ive and Forstall had an infamously chilly working relationship, and one of their biggest disagreements was over the role of so-called 'skeuomorphic' design in Apple's products. Forstall, like his mentor Steve Jobs, favored it; Ive disliked it. To many observers, Forstall's forced exit looks like a vindication of Ive's stance. But if he wants to continue Apple's enviable trend of innovation, he'd be a fool to throw the baby of skeuomorphism out with Forstall's bathwater." Hoped for a thorough article on the benefits of skeuomorphism - got the age-old and intrinsically invalid excuse 'because it sells'. Windows isn't he best desktop operating system because it sells so well. Lady Gaga isn't the best artist because she sells a lot of records. This argument is never valid, has zero value, and adds nothing to what should be an interesting discussion.
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RE: Subconscious signal
by TM99 on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 13:26 UTC in reply to "Subconscious signal"
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Skeuomorphism is behavioral economics. It is always about marketing products to a particular socio-economic class of consumers - the bourgeois middle class.

If you are poor, you get an item, if you can afford it, for its purpose. I buy a used car to get to work. If you are rich, you get an item, because you can afford it, for purposes other than its true use. I buy a car that has real leather seats, real wood paneling, etc. It is a show of wealth and prosperity.

If I am in the middle aspiring to be upper, I am susceptible to marketing that uses skeuomorphism. I get that car for work, yes, but hey look at the fake leather seats. That must show that I am wealthier or 'cooler' than all the others. This has been done for hundreds of years, and Apple is making millions with this model.

The new iPad mini has specifications far below its price tag. And consumers in this demographic which are now 'hooked' will continue to buy it until something new displaces the 'coolness' of it.

If they get rid of skeuomorphism too much, will that sink future sales? Will Metro RT & Surface become the new 'cool'?

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