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Window Managers "Enlightenment is one of the oldest open source desktop projects in existence. With E17, the developers are gearing up to their latest release, an occasion that has been a long time in the making. The word is that the team will make some announcements at the EFL Developer Day taking place as part of Linuxcon Europe on 5 November. With a release likely being close at hand, The H spoke to project leader Carsten 'Rasterman' Haitzler about how the desktop environment has been progressing and what the goals are for the project."
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RE[8]: Comment by ssokolow
by ssokolow on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 16:37 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by ssokolow"
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Hmm. Maybe, when I have some time off, I'll check whether I still have that unpartitioned space left on the old Celeron for testing out alternate distros.

That'd let me check out E17's performance and whether Arch's package selection meets my needs in one go.

...keeping in mind, of course, that, even on my Athlon II X2 270 with a GeForce GT430 and 16GiB of RAM, I've yet to meet a compositor as snappy as something non-composited even when only the bare desktop and Leafpad are running.

(And given that, with Kwin on minimal effects, I can toggle the "weight" I feel when dragging windows by hitting the "toggle compositing" keybind, blaming the compositing seems like an accurate conclusion to draw.)

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RE[9]: Comment by ssokolow
by Morgan on Mon 5th Nov 2012 07:55 in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by ssokolow"
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Earlier today just for fun, I tried out Bodhi Linux on my "retro gaming/BeOS" machine, an AMD Duron 800MHz system with 768MB RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 2MX. I must say that I was highly impressed! For a distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 to be that snappy and responsive was refreshing.

Granted, I didn't run with the compositor (I chose the "Desktop" interface when prompted) but it was a very usable system and I wouldn't hesitate to use it as a backup if something happened to my main box.

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