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Google "Google's quest to guess what we want before we want it has produced an unusual side effect: a disparity in the results the company presents about the presidential candidates. A Wall Street Journal examination found that the search engine often customizes the results of people who have recently searched for 'Obama' - but not those who have recently searched for 'Romney'." A confirmation bias' wet dream, this. The confirmation bias is already one of the root psychological causes of much of the problems in the world as it is - we really shouldn't have technology companies make it worse. Technology - and more specifically, the internet - should fight this bias, not affirm it.
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Also, if you stay signed into Google at home (across your devices) and at work, even though the IPs are different Google will tie them together internally and continue to analyze and link your traffic between the various locations. I've seen evidence of that first hand.

That's one of things that has started to sour me on Google. I'm not a privacy paranoid, but attempts to lead me by the nose do still bother me on principle. Things like trying to get me to use something that I would normally avoid (a Google search account) by tying it to something I do use (a youtube account), and making it impossible to login to one without logging into the other.

The result is that I've ditched google search in favour of scroogle. I still trust them farther than Facebook, though - thanks to everyone's willingness to stick "like" widgets on their websites, I'd bet good money that Facebook has more personally-identifiable information about people's browsing history than Google does.

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