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Google Back when I reviewed the Nexus 7, I mentioned that I was disappointed with Chrome for Android. It often felt slow, would hang, and typing in the address bar and input fields on webpages would lag. Scrolling wasn't always optimal, and sometimes, it would simply freeze up altogether. We're several months down the line now - has the situation improved for me?
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RE: Really?
by anevilyak on Wed 7th Nov 2012 17:37 UTC in reply to "Really?"
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Same here, this post had me scratching my head for that exact reason (also on Galaxy Nexus).

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RE[2]: Really?
by Noremacam on Wed 7th Nov 2012 17:51 in reply to "RE: Really?"
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I have both the galaxy nexus and the Nexus 7. On my galaxy nexus performance of Chrome is quite acceptable(although not as fast as the plain browser). On my nexus 7, it freezes during the initial seconds of loading any web page. Why would a quad core tablet struggle where my much older dual core phone not?

Been wondering this for a while...

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RE[3]: Really?
by Nico57 on Wed 7th Nov 2012 18:03 in reply to "RE[2]: Really?"
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Also works fine on my quad core SGS3 (i9300), though I happen to use either Opera Mini or the stock browser most of the time.

FF seemed slow on first sight, but I didn't really give it a try.
Would ads on mobile become an issue, I might turn to it though, since AFAIK that's the only mobile browser with ad blocking (extension).

Never tried Dolphin.

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RE[3]: Really?
by Neolander on Wed 7th Nov 2012 20:04 in reply to "RE[2]: Really?"
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Perhaps that's an issue with Jelly Bean, considering that all devices on which Thom has encountered this issue ran Jelly Bean?

No major issue with Chrome on ICS for me either, I can only confirm the autocompletion lag. Actually, Firefox felt much slower on my "slow" 1GHz single-core phone with 512MB RAM.

I used to be a Dolphin user due to its wondrous performance and independence from Google, but for some reason it has started to freeze and crash a lot after some updates a few months ago.

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RE[3]: Really?
by zlynx on Wed 7th Nov 2012 20:35 in reply to "RE[2]: Really?"
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I wonder if this is a Tegra 3 chipset problem because I see the exact same behavior on my Transformer Prime tablet.

Perhaps Chrome somehow triggers an expensive swap from the one low power core to the high power quad cores at a very unfortunate time.

Or perhaps the Tegra 3 is lacking RAM or mass storage bandwidth.

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