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OpenBSD Theo de Raadt has announced the release of OpenBSD 5.2. The OpenBSD 5.2 release page has a detailed list of all changes and improvements. As always, I would love for someone to write proper items about OpenBSD releases - it's outside my interests and cursory glances don't do it justice.
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RE[4]: Comment by marcp
by zima on Wed 7th Nov 2012 21:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by marcp"
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That's bordering on paranoia (hm, and you just accepted the post of kwan_e kinda pointing this position as such) ...part of which often is: seeing simple facts not quite the way they are ("the government" didn't design AES)

Apart from what kwan_e says - if you think the govs world over (many ~competing ones) could conceivably pull off SUCH stunt, of silencing ALL pro cryptologists ...then how do you know that Blowfish isn't similarly compromised? (even better: "let's release this much weaker Blowfish cipher for those who really want to hide secrets from us!")

Hell, why do you trust the microcode in your CPUs? (that would be probably much easier to pull off, with only two US-based major x86 vendors)

What govs really use if they want your secrets, apart from planting of trojans, are good old interpersonal skills or - if they really want your secrets - rubber hose cryptoanalysis.

And the AES got accelerated in more recent CPUs because IT WAS ALREADY WIDELY ADOPTED

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