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Google Back when I reviewed the Nexus 7, I mentioned that I was disappointed with Chrome for Android. It often felt slow, would hang, and typing in the address bar and input fields on webpages would lag. Scrolling wasn't always optimal, and sometimes, it would simply freeze up altogether. We're several months down the line now - has the situation improved for me?
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I have a different problem with chrome
by glarepate on Wed 7th Nov 2012 22:00 UTC
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I don't have a tablet. I just use chrome on my phones.

The problem that I have with it is that only about 1 in 20 times can I go to a web site directly. Even when I put the URL into the address box and tap either "go" or the arrow and don't tap the magnifying glass or tap a dropdown entry that is labeled 'search' it still just goes to Google and I wind up selecting the web site I wanted to go to from the search results that get displayed instead of the page that I specified. This is on 3 different phones running 3 different versions of Android. Two are rooted and one is stock.

Annoying, inconsiderate and inappropriate. And to add insult to irritation it's not even consistent, since on rare occasions it actually does go to the site I want to visit!

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