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FreeBSD "I've made clang the default on x86 systems. There will probably be a few bumps as we work out the last kinks including a ABI issue for i386 system libraries, but the transition is expected to be fairly smooth for most users."
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RE[4]: why?
by zio_tom78 on Thu 8th Nov 2012 17:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: why?"
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I don't have much experience with OS X Lion, but couldn't you simply have installed a newer version of GCC? I've not used a Mac as my main work machine for a while, but it used to be possible on Snow Leopard using MacPorts with some tweaking. I certainly had GCC 4.5.x running with OpenMP 3.0 support on my Snow Leopard based machine (like you, I needed it for modelling).

You're right, and in fact I know a few people that have gone through that path. However, for me installing GCC has proven to be extremely difficult. I used MacPorts for years, but I was dissatisfied because of a number of reasons and switched to Homebrew. Although Homebrew works like a charm, it does not provide the ability to install a new GCC. So I relied on the binaries that can be downloaded from this site:

They provide precompiled binaries for the latest GCC. There are however several problems with these binaries as well (for instance, only C/C++/Fortran are included, while Gnat/Ada is left out; and in order to install them you have to run "tar -C / ...", so it is tricky if you want to keep different versions on your hard disk at the same time)

Compiling GCC from source produced a number of problems on my system. Don't know what went wrong, but I began to get a number of conflicts between the stdlibc++ provided by Apple's GCC 4.2.1 and the version I installed every time I tried to compile something.

So I switched to Ubuntu, and now I am extremely happy. GCC 4.7 is bundled with Quantal, and using apt-get I was able to install both gfortran and gnat in a few minutes.

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