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Editorial In the United States, state and local authorities are in charge of voting and the country uses more than a half dozen different voting technologies. As a result, the country can't guarantee that it accurately counts national votes in a timely fashion. This article discusses the problem and potential solutions to the U.S. voting dilemma.
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Fricking silly!
by jefro on Thu 8th Nov 2012 21:38 UTC
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" limit voting through restrictive voter ID laws." Requiring a person to display some evidence that they are the correct voter is not restrictive. I agree that anyone can phoney up an ID. What other country allows people to vote with only their say so?? No wonder some many idiots get elected. Crooks and illegals and double voters should be in charge of a vote.

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RE: Fricking silly!
by unclefester on Fri 9th Nov 2012 05:05 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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What other country allows people to vote with only their say so??


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RE: Fricking silly!
by modmans2ndcoming on Fri 9th Nov 2012 15:38 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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If you think the ID laws are simple and straight forward then you are ignoring facts.

You want voter IDs? Then when someone registers to vote, get their finger print...everyone has them. There are cases where you lose them such as Chemotherapy or special illnesses but that is a very small number of people.

Did I just divide by zero for the voter ID people?

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RE[2]: Fricking silly!
by zima on Wed 14th Nov 2012 02:02 in reply to "RE: Fricking silly!"
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Everyone (well, everyone who can vote) has some resemblance of a face which can be put on the ID... (which is checked for validity against the database when required)

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RE: Fricking silly!
by andrewclunn on Fri 9th Nov 2012 16:57 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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I have no idea how to upvote your comment, so I'll jsut reply to say that I agree. Requiring an ID is only 'restrictive' to a few die hard Democrats who believe whatever MSNBC and Jon Stewart tell them.

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RE: Fricking silly!
by Soulbender on Sat 10th Nov 2012 06:51 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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What other country allows people to vote with only their say so??

In fact many do not require an ID (for example Denmark and Australia) and for those that do the requirements are usually not as strict as the U.S requirements.

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RE: Fricking silly!
by sgtarky on Sat 10th Nov 2012 14:54 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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jefro...I suggest that we go to other countries and try to vote in their elections. I say the reason voter id seems to be shuned in the US , is that conservatives for the most part vote where they are suppose to, and one time. Maybe conservatives need to commit blatant voter fraud where they guy wins......then there will be shoots of needing voter id. as long as voter fraud/foreign invaders favor the progressives/liberals nothing will be done about it.

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RE: Fricking silly!
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sat 10th Nov 2012 20:48 in reply to "Fricking silly!"
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Well, the idea seems that not having an id requirement woulod be an invitation to rampant voter fraud, the reality is that its remarkably rare. The vast, vast, majority of people who are willing to vote are actually honest enough to not vote multiple times. What is the economic profile of those without Identification: lower income minorities. So what then could possibly be behind the push by Republicans to enact legislation to require ID a short period of time before the election, if not voter suppression?

The United states has a long sordid history of various laws designed to prevent, harass and intimidate minorities from exercising their vote. The voting rights act of 1965 actually forbade many states from making changes to voting laws without federal approval to prevent similar shenanigans as these voter id laws.

Now, this isn't to say that everyone who is in favor of voter id laws is racist or intent on suppressing votes of the opposition, but they are being used by those that do.

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