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Gnome "Theme development is a tedious and difficult task, and for the GTK devs to be so careless in breaking their API at every turn disrespects the many hours people put into making themes for it. [...] I was given to believe that this breakage stems from a Microsoft-like climate of preventing users from customizing their systems, and deliberately breaking the work of others so that your 'brand' is the best. Anytime I hear the word 'brand' being used in Linux, I know something valuable is being poisoned." I find the tone of this one a bit too harsh and overly negative at times, but his point still stands.
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by Hiev on Fri 9th Nov 2012 02:20 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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Because because because, GNOME devs also have becauses you know.

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by ssokolow on Fri 9th Nov 2012 02:33 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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Because because because, GNOME devs also have becauses you know.

Yes, but opinions don't hold equal weight merely because they are equally fervent.

By welcoming GTK+'s rise to popularity as a general toolkit used by many different desktops, the developers also implicitly accepted responsibility to manage GTK+'s development wisely.

As a user, my only responsibilities are to be polite, to avoid acting entitled, to report bugs, and to choose a desktop where the developers views on good UI design are not diametrically opposed to mine.

I have done all of those. I am not a GNOME user and my issue isn't with GNOME. It's with the GNOME devs abusing the power over other desktops (like LXDE) that maintainership of GTK+ grants based on those other desktops' views of their formerly responsible behaviour.

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by david_thomson on Fri 9th Nov 2012 03:07 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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Easy solution to this: Some developers from XFCE and/or LXDE contribute some man power to maintaining GTK?

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by Hiev on Fri 9th Nov 2012 03:10 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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Dude, XFCE and whoever uses GTK is free to fork it or use another toolkit, so, what's ur point?

BTW, I haven't hear any one from the XFCE team complaining, you complaine more than them.

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