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Hardware, Embedded Systems Something truly interesting is currently happening in the PC space. Ask any random internet commenter how the PC market is doing, and I'm pretty sure you're going to get something along the lines of 'everybody but Apple is failing'. Turns out this isn't the case - Lenovo has just become the world's largest PC and laptop vendor, after three years of steady growth in sales and profits. "During the second fiscal quarter, Lenovo's worldwide PC shipments grew 10.3 percent, in a difficult market that was down eight percent year-over-year, the 14th quarter in a row that the company has grown faster than the PC industry as a whole. In this challenging environment, Lenovo achieved its highest-ever worldwide market share of 15.6 percent, gaining share points in every geography, every product category in which it competes, and in every respective customer segment." Very impressive.
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I've had Dell laptops for some years (Inspiron and then Precision Mxx), a Macbook Pro and then got a Thinkpad x201. It's by far the best laptop I've ever had. It's very solid, quite light, the keyboard is very good.

But, more importantly, it doesn't overheat. Even if I'm using the CPU at 100% for a sustained period of time, the palm rest temperature barely rises. The Dells I've owned have always had heating problem and after 2 years, they started shutting down unexpectedly due to that.

That being said, a friend of mine has a Thinkpad W510 (which is quite a monster) and he's got the same heating problems I had on my Dell. So maybe I was just lucky...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of ThinkPads, but that's one issue that's bitten with two models in a row (x60 and T410s): overheating. Sadly, Lenovo seemed to follow the trend of prioritizing low noise over adequate cooling - fortunately there's a great program out there called "TPFancontrol".

That, combined with regular cleaning of the fan has keep the overheating issues at bay. It does require removing the keyboard, but that's almost absurdly-simple with most Thinkpads.

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