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Microsoft "Last week I overheard two of the top Microsoft 'watchers' discuss the Office group having bet against Windows 8, presumably because Office 2013 is not fully a (set of) Metro (a.k.a., Windows Store) apps. Ok, as much as it pains me to defend Office I'm going to do so. I'm going to defend them because they are more right than wrong. Especially when you take a shareholder perspective. Not only will I defend what Office did for Windows 8, I'm going to defend some of their licensing decisions. Oh that should be fun." Insightful analysis of the current state of Office within the great context of Microsoft's current challenges. Written by Hal Berenson, former distinguished engineer and general manager at Microsoft.
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RE[3]: So what?
by darknexus on Fri 9th Nov 2012 03:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So what?"
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Actually there is one scenarios where a Discount can be illegal - when you discount below what you filed with the Federal Government to charge the Federal Government on the GSA Schedule as by law, that is to be the lowest price.

Now, you can do it; but I wouldn't want to be you when getting caught.

Well, of course, but I really didn't think that would be relevant here considering that we're talking about a product made by Microsoft. They may screw the users more often than not, but they know how not to get in trouble with the feds. The really sad thing is, our government is as dependent on Microsoft technologies at this point as is any business, so I suppose even if Microsoft discounted below what they filed for GSA, they might still get away with it where most others wouldn't.

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