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Editorial In the United States, state and local authorities are in charge of voting and the country uses more than a half dozen different voting technologies. As a result, the country can't guarantee that it accurately counts national votes in a timely fashion. This article discusses the problem and potential solutions to the U.S. voting dilemma.
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Why don't we...
by Tuishimi on Fri 9th Nov 2012 19:56 UTC
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...have these major thread/discussions about policies and procedures in other countries? It's always the US and it is always portrayed in a negative manner.

Is the rest of the world perfect? Must be.

(I will give credit to Thom, he does rant about EU issues from time to time).

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RE: Why don't we...
by Soulbender on Sat 10th Nov 2012 07:00 in reply to "Why don't we..."
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Is the rest of the world perfect? Must be.

But of course we are.
Seriously though, the focus on U.S may have something do with how you always tell everyone else that you're the biggest and the best.
(~~~better than the rest~~~...cue Clawfinger)

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RE: Why don't we...
by zima on Wed 14th Nov 2012 01:55 in reply to "Why don't we..."
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The editor who posted this article, who sort of started this discussion, is a US resident... (and some others chimed in)

(NVM how most of the rest of the world has hardly any impact on others)

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