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Gnome "Theme development is a tedious and difficult task, and for the GTK devs to be so careless in breaking their API at every turn disrespects the many hours people put into making themes for it. [...] I was given to believe that this breakage stems from a Microsoft-like climate of preventing users from customizing their systems, and deliberately breaking the work of others so that your 'brand' is the best. Anytime I hear the word 'brand' being used in Linux, I know something valuable is being poisoned." I find the tone of this one a bit too harsh and overly negative at times, but his point still stands.
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RE[3]: Priorities?
by zima on Fri 9th Nov 2012 22:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Priorities?"
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The real problem is much larger than the predicament we're facing with arrogant developers. The younger generations are getting more and more totalitarian - they get easily offended and have less empathy. I dunno why it's like that. Perhaps in an overcrowded world with billions of egos, people have to fight harder to stay on top...

You know, we have examples of ~"moral decay of youth is a threat to civilisation" since the dawn of preserved written word... (some Babylonian tablets, for one) which were definately more violent times than our (post?)modern world.

In related news: past tends to be often seen as better than when we lived through it (but, notably, we don't seem to have now that many problems with totalitarianism as we did in the past)

PS. And on the general topic of "those damn youngsters!" - I must note that boomboxes and shouting are a thing of past - teens nowadays prefer the privacy of headphones and text messages ;P

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