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Internet & Networking "Not far from Valley Forge, around the corner from Bravo Pizza, up the road from Paoli Auto Body, there is an odd-looking office building that resembles a stone castle. An eye doctor is on the first floor. On the second floor is a search engine. The proprietor of the search engine is Gabriel Weinberg, who is 33. A few years ago, when Weinberg told his wife about his new business idea - pitting him against more established outfits such as Google and Bing - he admits that she briefly thought he was nuts." What a success story.
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RE: DuckDuckGo
by ssokolow on Sat 10th Nov 2012 03:54 UTC in reply to "DuckDuckGo"
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I like DuckDuckGo. The idea of no tracking is a relief. However, I have found the search results are not as good as Google's from my experience. Still more than adequate most of the time.

It depends, I do occasionally run into queries where DDG gives a more relevant set of results than Google. I agree that, most of the time, they're good enough.

However, I can actually go into detail on where DDG falls short: Forum posts. Google beats the pants off DDG for relevance when you're searching for something like an error message and the best answer is in some out-of-the-way forum site.

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RE[2]: DuckDuckGo
by Morgan on Sat 10th Nov 2012 05:55 in reply to "RE: DuckDuckGo"
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That's very true, but I have noticed a disturbing trend on Google lately specifically regarding forums. More often than not, Google will rank those annoying and useless "forum reader" spam sites much higher than the actual content.

And on the topic of forum posts, Google also seems to have a lot of false positives with their safe browsing feature. While I was setting up my Mac mini as a Plex server the other day, I tried Googling an error message and the top hits were in the Plex forums. But, Google blocked me from visiting those forum posts accusing it of being a known hacker site. I searched the same issue in DuckDuckGo and was given the same links with no hostile takeover.

While I'm sure Google's web sanitation project has protected a lot of people, it's nothing but an annoyance and even a hindrance to those of us who already practice safe browsing.

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