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Windows "Despite the fact that I've been using Windows 8 for the past three weeks, I somehow managed to overlook a rather stark feature in the OS: ads. No, we're not talking about ads cluttering up the desktop or login screen (thankfully), but rather ads that can be found inside of some Modern UI apps that Windows ships with. That includes Finance, Weather, Travel, News and so forth. Is it a problem? Let's tackle this from a couple of different angles." Hadn't seen them either - I don't use those applications - but this is pretty despicable.
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RE[3]: Comment by Drumhellar
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 10th Nov 2012 06:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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Well, considering most of the ads aren't even visible unless you scroll past ALL the content.

Problem is, I already checked like a week ago in my test install of the RTM evaluation (I'm actually surprised it took so long to hit Slashdot and OSNews...), and it seems that the ad loads whether you scroll all the way over to the end or not. So no matter what you're adding to the ad views (and using your own bandwidth to do it) whether you actually read all the way to the end or not.

You're hardly having these ads forced upon you.

They certainly are forced upon your bandwidth, it seems. Anyway, the ability is now there. Now it'll just spiral until it gets worse and worse, and then it will get out of control. Like... gasp... subscription television services. I don't even remember what the of the ads that I saw were exactly (even if I did, I'd rather not say because it would only benefit these companies), but they were laughably obnoxious. I mean... come on... they're advertising a fucking laundry detergent, of all things, in a news applica..., er, I mean, app? Seriously? WTF?!?

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v RE[4]: Comment by Drumhellar
by Drumhellar on Sat 10th Nov 2012 07:08 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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Really? The bandwidth of a smallish image is your big concern? I mean, all the content that is dynamically loaded as you use the app, constantly updated, and you're worried about, at most, 100KB?

You're grasping for straws.

Look, the simple fact is that I am completely and utterly against advertising running directly on my computer. I own the machine, and I own the operating system (or a license to it) to be able to run my computer. It is my machine--my property--and I want to run it as I see fit. I am completely against giving free money to companies in the form of automatically-downloaded advertisements directly in the software of my machine, whether it heavily affects me or not.

It's MY computer, thank you very much--I don't need any tips on what shampoo to buy next week (actually, some shampoo was the other ad I remember IIRC--how unfitting and ironic). And I do not want indirectly help to rake in money to some third-party cosmetics and beauty company that I don't give a damn about just for the privilege of using my computer. The simple fact is, if you keep scrolling to the end of, for example, the weather "app," you'll see the ad.

The good thing is, they are avoidable--just avoid the Metro interface and its craptastic "apps" completely. But the fact is, in my testing, I found myself repeatedly being subjected to these ads, far more times than I would like. I have, as usual, made it a point to mentally "block" the ads, so I purposely forgot the exact products; yes, I hate advertising that much. I quickly abandoned further playing around inside Metro after seeing the ads, and went straight for the desktop.

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RE[5]: Comment by Drumhellar
by Lorin on Sat 10th Nov 2012 07:43 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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100 kb times the thousands of potential pictures

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