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Bugs & Viruses If you want to ensure you have adequate passwords but don't have the time or interest to study the topic, there's a useful basic article on how to devise strong passwords over at the NY Times. It summarizes key points in 9 simple rules of thumb. Also see the follow-up article for useful reader feedback. Stay safe!
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RE[2]: Keepass2
by WereCatf on Sun 11th Nov 2012 08:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Keepass2"
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Yikes. I wouldn't want to store my passwords on my phone or laptop or any other computer I take with me even occasionally or on any USB thumb drive... but there's no way in hell you'd ever see me put all my password in a file up in the "cloud." Even if they were first encrypted in a database file. Just not gonna happen. I just don't have that kind of trust.

The Keepass2 password database is encrypted with 256-bit Twofish. You'd need a quantum computer to be able to crack that in any sort of a feasible time. No, using something like that Amazon cloud computing service would still need way more time for cracking that open than I have years left in me. Since there are no fully-functioning quantum computers yet, and I'm not a high-profile target anyways...

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