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Gnome "Theme development is a tedious and difficult task, and for the GTK devs to be so careless in breaking their API at every turn disrespects the many hours people put into making themes for it. [...] I was given to believe that this breakage stems from a Microsoft-like climate of preventing users from customizing their systems, and deliberately breaking the work of others so that your 'brand' is the best. Anytime I hear the word 'brand' being used in Linux, I know something valuable is being poisoned." I find the tone of this one a bit too harsh and overly negative at times, but his point still stands.
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No, and it looks as if I'm going to have to point this out otherwise we'll be in Punch and Judy territory:

Linus, despite being a low-level kernel guy, set the tone for our community years ago when he dismissed binary compatibility for device drivers. The kernel people might have some valid reasons for it, and might have forced the industry to play by their rules, but the Desktop people did not have the power that the kernel people did.

Linus pointed out that he was completely, totally and utterly wrong about this because the kernel has never changed any interfaces for anything outside the kernel - i.e. userspace. People switched from Linux 2.4 to 2.6 without any problems whatsoever. People upgrade their kernels all the time without userspace stuff breaking.

He's completely misunderstanding what drivers are actually a part of and what he's actually talking about and trying to blame the internals of the kernel for the mess of the Linux desktop that he perpetuated.

The problem with Linux desktops is that they change their external interfaces every five minutes. Even when things are API and ABI compatible, expected behaviour changes. It's just funny that even now, after all this time, he just doesn't understand what the problems actually are and is trying to palm them off on something and someone else.

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No you are still wrong.

He is actually talking about the decision for internal driver interfaces which is more widely known than the kernel's external interfaces.

Other developers decided to follow it, without understanding the difference between the two.

I think miguel understands the difference fine.

Anyway back to the initial point, it doesn't matter who fault it was ... it has happened and developers have gotten pissed off with the situation.

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