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Legal Interesting news in the middle of the night: Apple and HTC have announced they've settled all their patent disputes, bringing an end to all running lawsuits between the two companies. The companies signed a ten-year cross-licensing deal. Considering Apple's legal assault on Android hasn't been going particularly well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise.
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Examples? Most of those have been thrown out, or were easily circumvented by Samsung. Apple has won nothing so far.

Apple has more injunctions still under enforcement, injunctions granted but not under enforcement because of circumvention, injunctions granted but mooted because product is no longer offered, injunctions granted but not enforced because of appeal, injunctions granted but later overturned, injunctions of any kind, AND jury verdicts than Samsung. It has the right to ask for a permanent injunction against Samsung as a final ruling in its US guilty verdict.

By any rational legal scorecard, Apple is "winning" resoundingly. No one with any skin in the legal battle, or a basic understanding of it, thinks winning/losing is predicated on preventing market access to competition. One can argue that the legal battle has no market value, but as far as Apple or its legal adversaries winning the meaningless battle: Apple is ahead by all objective measures of legal wins/losses.

...which is currently under investigation.

Under appeal, the court will hear arguments before determining if she will allow the argument of jury misconduct. Which would result in a retrial. The jury verdict is "final" insofar as Samsung faces a huge burden to chip away at the infringement verdict or to achieve a mistrial. Characterizing this as an "investigation" is silly.

Nothing bizarre about this - just plain common sense. Your irrational hate is clouding your judgement.

Claiming Apple is losing in the courtroom is irrational.

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