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Windows "Yesterday my desktop died, and so I went ahead and got a brand new Windows 8 laptop. It's always been my feeling that as years go on, user experience has been going down for people who use a computer and the Internet, because of decisions all companies make that are clearly anti-user, either because they think they know best, or in many cases, for financial gains. But from spending all night reinstalling everything and customizing the laptop, I realized just how bad it has become." Probably the biggest reason to go Mac or Linux. Such a shame Microsoft found it more important to pressure OEMs into silly Secure Boot nonsense instead of doing something about the anti-user crapware disaster. Goes to show who Microsoft cares about. Hint: it ain't you.
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And you are totally missing the point in this whole argument. Why in hell should be have to pay extra at the Microsoft store to get crap removed that shouldn't have ever been on the computer to begin with!!!!

Go back and read what I said. I clearly said several times that the situation shouldn't be like this. But you're still barking up the wrong tree.

You sound like a shill for the OEM's-"Well, if they don't craptize your computer it will more expensive".

Pull that stick out of your arsehole before it enters all the way into your brains and learn to read, like e.g. in the very first comment of this whole thread I already said "Similarly, one thing I already proposed years ago is that PC-manufacturers should stop pre-installing all that stuff" -- you quite clearly completely missed that.

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"Pull that stick out of your arsehole before it enters all the way into your brains and learn to read"

Nice reply, very adult. Now I know why I don't post on this forum very much. And for your info my reading comp exceeds yours by lightyears. I was trying to make a point and I will leave it there.

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I was trying to make a point

You failed miserably.

and I will leave it there.


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