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BeOS & Derivatives Can you believe they've come this far by now? Once known as OpenBeOS, Haiku today announced the release of the fourth alpha for Haiku R1. It seems like only yesterday when BeOS died and OpenBeOS rose form its ashes, generating a new hope among the legions of avid BeOS fans. Now, almost twelve years later, we've hit the fourth alpha.
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RE: Sarcasm much?
by saimon69 on Mon 12th Nov 2012 19:45 UTC in reply to "Sarcasm much?"
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Well not everybody like the linux way in doing stuff; in this haiku seems a good plan B so far, hoping that also AROS (that am advocating) will come to be usable for modern computing needs soon too.

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RE[2]: Sarcasm much?
by zima on Mon 12th Nov 2012 22:09 in reply to "RE: Sarcasm much?"
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IIRC AROS doesn't even really plan introducing proper memory protection? (since it would break compatibility too much?) Can an OS without that be really modern?

Oh well, at least still fun; and I think I like your avatar, is that some cat marvelled with a running instance of AROS? :p

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RE[2]: Sarcasm much?
by aliquis on Tue 13th Nov 2012 15:58 in reply to "RE: Sarcasm much?"
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But then again I never mentioned Linux.

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