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BeOS & Derivatives Can you believe they've come this far by now? Once known as OpenBeOS, Haiku today announced the release of the fourth alpha for Haiku R1. It seems like only yesterday when BeOS died and OpenBeOS rose form its ashes, generating a new hope among the legions of avid BeOS fans. Now, almost twelve years later, we've hit the fourth alpha.
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RE: beta?
by zima on Mon 12th Nov 2012 22:06 UTC in reply to "beta?"
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You're not MOS6510!?! O_o (but at least you have a nicer-looking, non-blurred Avatar avatar)

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RE[2]: beta?
by MOS6510 on Tue 13th Nov 2012 13:48 in reply to "RE: beta?"
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After seeing his I now understand what you mean with blurry!

It's the same as going from a retina iPad to a non-retina one I guess.

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RE[3]: beta?
by zima on Tue 13th Nov 2012 22:16 in reply to "RE[2]: beta?"
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Or... going from how Avatar "really"[1] looked like, to being drawn/slaughtered[2] with bilinear filtering.

1. because, really, Avatar was typically shown on old CRT televisions - which introduced a certain amount of ~blurring/filtering themselves. I guess you'd just have to make a photo of Avatar from such display, if you'd care about it ;p

2. in the infamous style of the early Glide-accelerated or N64 games, where low-resolution textures were being turned into soap.

PS. So, when will you finally correct it? ;)

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