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Apple Another Apple-to-switch-Macs-to-ARM post. "Apple engineers have grown confident that the chip designs used for its mobile devices will one day be powerful enough to run its desktops and laptops, said three people with knowledge of the work, who asked to remain anonymous because the plans are confidential. Apple began using Intel chips for Macs in 2005." No idea when Apple will make the switch, but they will do it. I'm thinking 5-10 year timeframe.
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I don't think your posts (that I've read) ever needed deciphering; I hope mine are mostly like that, too.

And "cool" @kovacm ...I don't know, it goes further, it's more than weak EN, it's this consistent... attitude - like he didn't notice yet that platform wars* days are over, still lives in that mindset.
Or maybe drunkenness... (check out lower regions of the discussion I linked previously; and again about his reply to my post that mentions Project Star Trek - how bad your EN must be to argue no possibility of MacOS Classic x86, even when that's the thing I linked to?; also, throwing around "great past quotations" seemingly without trying to connect the dots, analyse how it turned out in the 3+ decades since: )

But valid points about different kinds of fans or anti-fans. Though I'll also add to it a possibility of hiding behind outward politeness, but trying to drill the same tired, inaccurate "facts" no matter how many times they are successfully refuted. Maybe it just doesn't register - after all, that's one of the ways human minds deal with cognitive dissonance.

Now that I think about it, there might be one reliable ~definition: FANBOYS ARE MONO-THEMATIC (for example: participating in discussions only about "their" brand or its biggest competitor, and virtually always praising the former and finding some faults in the latter)

But in the end, it's all just irrelevant bickering on the internet which will be lost in time... (same for our conversations...)

*BTW the old days - remember, we often tend to see them through rose-tinted glasses. ;)
Also there was much less flamewars because... most people didn't have internet access ;)

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