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Editorial In the United States, state and local authorities are in charge of voting and the country uses more than a half dozen different voting technologies. As a result, the country can't guarantee that it accurately counts national votes in a timely fashion. This article discusses the problem and potential solutions to the U.S. voting dilemma.
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RE[2]: EC can be fixed easily
by WildSubnet on Tue 13th Nov 2012 00:03 UTC in reply to "RE: EC can be fixed easily"
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I am going to paint the nightmare scenario for you. Every district has a few votes that never really get counted because...well, something was wrong with them and it doesn't matter because the election isn't close enough.

What if it was close enough? What if it was within a million votes? Can you imagine the lawsuits in every precinct in the country fishing for votes? The EC actually does serve a bit of a purpose.

I personally think the hand wringing over it is a tad much. It's mostly irrelevant, but it does help settle things when the election is close (Florida being the one exception and really is anyone shocked that happened in Florida?).

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