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Bugs & Viruses If you want to ensure you have adequate passwords but don't have the time or interest to study the topic, there's a useful basic article on how to devise strong passwords over at the NY Times. It summarizes key points in 9 simple rules of thumb. Also see the follow-up article for useful reader feedback. Stay safe!
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RE[21]: make 'm long
by Laurence on Tue 13th Nov 2012 11:46 UTC in reply to "RE[20]: make 'm long"
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I haven't a f--king clue what you were talking about because you kept switching back and forth between theoretical and actual attacks.

I never did such thing.

You were the one playing devils advocate with theoretical attacks on the method I was suggesting to generate passwords and kept responding why such attacks don't currently exist.

I always focused on attacks that are already in use today - and you'd know that if you bothered to read the f--king links I provided.

so don't you even dare blame me because you're too technologically inept to hold even the most basic conversation on pen testing. After all, you said yourself you're ignorant to such matters at the start of this discussion - pity you didn't stop to listen to someone more experienced than yourself instead of acting like a prick.

But, at least I should be grateful as it's egotistical novices like yourself that keep me employed - and trust me when I say that I get paid well to fix the f--k ups that you pseudo-techies make ;)

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