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Microsoft Big and surprising news this morning. Some considered him the crown prince of the Microsoft empire, slated to take over after Ballmer's eventual departure, but this morning, Steven Sinofsky announced his resignation from Microsoft. His role will be taken over by Julie-Larson Green. Persistent sources indicate that we're looking at a Forstall-esque situation; Sinofsky was, supposedly, not a good team player.
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RE[2]: Also worth noting:
by celt on Tue 13th Nov 2012 17:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Also worth noting:"
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"Microsoft Surface RT may only achieve 60% of forecasted sales"

"Microsoft Surface Sales “Starting Modestly”, Says Ballmer"

Julie only "invented" the Tiles, not Metro. Also she was only lsst years at Sinofsky's side like many msny others. She's a designer, did not lead anything so far and now gets to command the central Windows devision.


This is very different than...

"Be that sales (which 75% of retailers say is on track, and 25% say is above expectations) or it as a whole."

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RE[3]: Also worth noting:
by cdude on Tue 13th Nov 2012 17:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Also worth noting:"
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Some more:

"Windows RT Already in Trouble: OEM Interest Low After Surface Launch"

"Microsoft Surface RT: The Sad Treadmill Of Overhyped Expectations"

The WP7 story repeats with RT and WP8. Microsoft seems to need to learn the hard way that there asset, the reason why Windows desktop sold so good all this years, is the 3th party win32 ecosystem that was build up over decades where they had zero serious competition. They depend on and are stuck on win32.

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RE[3]: Also worth noting:
by ze_jerkface on Tue 13th Nov 2012 17:47 in reply to "RE[2]: Also worth noting:"
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These statements are meaningless without actual numbers.

We do know that pre-release install rates were low

You don't release a product that half the public immediately hates. Freaking stupid.

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RE[4]: Also worth noting:
by cdude on Tue 13th Nov 2012 18:11 in reply to "RE[3]: Also worth noting:"
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Why hate? There is gray between black and white. Like those that will buy a Surface but prefer win32 compatibility and hence buy Surface x86 rather then Surface RT.

That's the whole deal. Microsoft offers you two near identicial (price, feel, look, name) products. The one runs all those Windows applications out there and allows non-app-market installations, the other not. Why would you buy the later one?

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