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Windows My new phone arrived today: a blue HTC 8X, running Windows Phone 8. As a huge Windows Phone fan put off by several persistent issues in Windows Phone 7.x, I'm basically giving this platform another shot, and in this day and age such a second chance doesn't come cheap: the 8X is 539 EUR, after all. Here's a few quick first impressions after less than a day of use.
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Comment by HappyGod
by HappyGod on Thu 15th Nov 2012 06:16 UTC
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Windows Phone shuts down wifi when the device locks, meaning it has to reconnect every time you unlike the phone

How does it know when you've unliked it! ;-)

HTC are treating their Windows Phone devices as all-bets-are-off design studies. Odd shapes, crazy colours - it's all here

Nothing like a bit of desperation to inspire some innovation eh? Still, it's good to see that HTC and Nokia realise that they're going to have to get creative if they have a hope in hell against the Samsung juggernaut.

I'm probably going to buy a Win8 phone, but I think I'll go for the Nokia rather than the HTC. While I don't miss many things about my Nokias of old, build quality is the one thing I do miss.

That and the fact that the batteries used to last for weeks!

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RE: Comment by HappyGod
by glarepate on Thu 15th Nov 2012 15:41 in reply to "Comment by HappyGod"
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Reports I'm seeing from the new owners indicate that they are getting up to 14 hours use of the Lumia 920 before needing to recharge. So good by days/weeks, hello hours.

Of course you old phone performed fewer high tech stunts, so ...

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RE: Comment by HappyGod
by aliquis on Fri 16th Nov 2012 01:16 in reply to "Comment by HappyGod"
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I think Nokia was creative as they has always tried and HTC copied.

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