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BeOS & Derivatives Can you believe they've come this far by now? Once known as OpenBeOS, Haiku today announced the release of the fourth alpha for Haiku R1. It seems like only yesterday when BeOS died and OpenBeOS rose form its ashes, generating a new hope among the legions of avid BeOS fans. Now, almost twelve years later, we've hit the fourth alpha.
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RE[12]: Sarcasm much?
by zima on Thu 15th Nov 2012 20:43 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Sarcasm much?"
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Well, maybe. Though I didn't remember the pointer as ugly, from toying around with a more recent RISCOS version under emu - which I just launched, to check if perhaps the colours changed.

They didn't, it's also this blue-on-blue (Dune? ;p ); but I must conclude the pointer looks somewhat better in action ;)

Here's the RISCOS 2 !Desktop. It looks like someone drew it in Microsoft Paint!

That's more like 3.11? ;)

Not disagreeing with you at all WRT faux stone look and such - as I said, this was a plague also on the Amiga.

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RE[13]: Sarcasm much?
by henderson101 on Fri 16th Nov 2012 11:38 in reply to "RE[12]: Sarcasm much?"
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Ah - it didn't change much then! LOL! That would be A5000/A3010/A3020 era? I remember when we got the first A5000 in.. it was very fast, it was very interesting, but WHY DID THEY PUT A !SYSTEM IN THE ROM!! AAAAGH! Bad move. The presidence rules were insane.. "I will use the first one I see, unless you care to double click on another one - but this won't be obvious to you.. Sometimes I might just use the one on your floppy.. sometimes."

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RE[14]: Sarcasm much?
by zima on Fri 16th Nov 2012 12:18 in reply to "RE[13]: Sarcasm much?"
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Wait, what was so horrible in "!SYSTEM"(?) in the ROM? Do I miss something because of unfamiliarity with some RISCOS-specific notation?

PS. Generally... come on, there had to be something nice about RISCOS? ;) Not even one thing?

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