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Windows A California man is suing Microsoft, alledging that his Surface tablet did not provide the advertised amount of disk space. The 32G device has 16G of space for users, as the operating system uses the other 16G. The 64G Surface leaves 45G free for users. The case will turn on whether Microsoft has clearly explained to customers how much free space the Surface leaves for their use outside of the OS. How much disk space does your OS consume?
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It's ALL bloatware!!!
by SonicMetalMan on Mon 19th Nov 2012 03:31 UTC
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It just occurred to me that it we no longer even blink when we talk about an OS occupying 10 gig or so. Does anybody remember the installed footprint of Windows 3.1? How about an Amiga 500 running Workbench 2.1 from floppies? We seem to accept all the fat from modern OS's as the new "normal". WTF?!

Innocence is lost to the ages, and boy do I miss the good old days sometimes.

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RE: It's ALL bloatware!!!
by zima on Thu 22nd Nov 2012 10:08 in reply to "It's ALL bloatware!!!"
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Oh yeah, I remember those old times - and I don't miss them. You're looking at the "good old days" through rose-tinted glasses.

Operating systems from 2+ decades ago did comparatively little, were unstable, problematic to set up, insecure by design; and we tended to complain more back then about their hardware requirements - since hw resources were so scarce.

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