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Linux Since its 4.4.10 release way back in 2008, Damn Small Linux languished as an inactive project. But a month ago John Andrews announced 4.11 release candidate 2. It includes updated apps and bug fixes. Download from here (only 50m). More on what's in the release candidate here. DSL is popular for making older computers useful and also works well as a tiny live distro.
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RE[2]: DSL
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 23rd Nov 2012 20:32 UTC in reply to "RE: DSL"
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DSL is pretty explicitly targeted at getting old ia32 hardware to work. Tiny Core might take up less space on disk, but good luck getting that 486 with an ISA card to work right.

True... good thing that old ia32 hardware you mention is getting even older and rarer by the day, so that fact is becoming increasingly irrelevant...

That said, I'm glad DSL is back, though perhaps not as useful as it once was. The good thing is that it works well on newer hardware too, so I guess if you like DSL's interface and prefer it for whatever reason, it's there. Last I checked, Firefox was incredibly outdated... has that changed? Probably not, I'm guessing, because the program has blown up in size...

Personally, I liked the whole idea behind DSL-N, but it was short-lived. It was still small, but featured a more up-to-date kernel and an ISO size that IMO is much more reasonable these days than DSL's 50MB when it comes to what can be installed. I still remember Feather Linux, too... it was based on DSL but its target size was 128MB, maximum.

In my opinion, there's not enough "lightweight" desktop distros with specialty lighter variants of typical applications with a total ISO size in the 128-256MB range. And those distros are (were?) typically live CDs, without a "real" installer to do a "proper" (ie. non-frugal) install.

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