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In the News Hard to believe, but articles are popping up at business websites claiming that venerable Hewlett-Packard may fail. In their most recent fiasco, HP wrote off a loss of $8.8 of their $11.1 US billion acquisition of Autonomy and have alleged fraud in the deal. Revenue is down 7% from a year ago and the stock has hit a 10-year low. The company is laying off 27K employees but that may not be enough. Some speculate HP might be broken up into parts with buy-outs involved. This article from last May offers a good in-depth analysis of how all these problems came to pass.
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RE[5]: Poor Support or Product
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 24th Nov 2012 19:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Poor Support or Product"
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Last I checked, a wired printer isn't going to work without power either. So what WAS your point?

I knew someone would bring this up. Just to clarify:

My point was that with a "wireless" printer you will *need* a wire anyway, so--unless you absolutely must have your router and printer two or three large rooms apart from each other (ie. opposite sides of the house), or your router on one floor of the building and the printer on another, a "wireless" printer just doesn't make much sense. Specifically when you consider the reliability benefits of a wired connection and the potential drawbacks to Wi-Fi relating to drivers and overall reliability. You know... the things I've been going about from pretty much the beginning.

And with that clarification made... that is all.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Obviously we live in the land where people don't own laptops or tablets and would never want to print anything from those types or portable devices ...

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UltraZelda64 Member since:

Obviously we live in the land where people don't own laptops or tablets and would never want to print anything from those types or portable devices ...

Obviously, I'm on a site where people reply profusely without reading what the person they're replying to has been said a million times already...

And that's not sarcasm.

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RE[6]: Poor Support or Product
by zima on Fri 30th Nov 2012 23:59 in reply to "RE[5]: Poor Support or Product"
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Mains power sockets are much more plentiful in a typical apartment than Ethernet jacks... meanwhile, a longish loose cable between where the router is (near phone jack), and a printer, might be not seen as desired.

I mean, we don't live in idealised world. USB-capable router might be more expensive than almost-freebie somebody gets with DSL. And wired Ethernet on printers seems be treated lately by manufacturers as more of a "premium" feature than wifi. And quite many people only have a laptop and such.

Yeah, wifi printers can be more problematic - well, in that case we should primarily expect improvement from the manufacturers.

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