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Linux Software for the Raspberry Pi is quickly moving forward. Beyond the several core Linux distros, another couple dozen systems are available, with NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Chromium imminently stepping into the mix. (Ubuntu will not join them as it requires ARMv7 and the Pi is ARMv6). Two dozen programming languages are available, including Python, Perl, Java, Ruby 1.9.2, BASIC, and more. Since the Pi is a full fledged ARM computer, it should run nearly any ARM app within its system requirements. See the RPi Wiki or Foundation website for more info.
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Replying to myself just to throw in: for fun.

An entire collection of people who have been banned from the RPi forums merely for discussing issues with the hardware and firmware. Liz Upton apparently has discovered the term 'concern troll' and has used it vigorously in maintaining their image on the forums.

The impression the RPi Foundation keeps giving me with their interactions with developers and users is that we're not really the people they care about since we're not going to go and give them a press release.

I'm all in favor of supporting other ARM SoC boards because while they may not be any more open than the VideoCore IV, at least you won't be dealing with people more concerned with their image than with users having problems with their product. Probably also won't see a self-congratulating press release lying about the nature of what it is you exactly open-sourced.

I've been enjoying working on the ODROID-X, admittedly $120 -- but it crushes every other board I've played with in performance and still has GPIO pins and hobbyist support. I'll be picking up an MK802III as well.

Really, these things are so cheap it's fun to collect. I'm especially looking forward to getting a hobbyist version of:

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BTW, the hobbyist version of that is already out:

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Wowzers that thing is a beast and it has SATA support. Colour me impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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