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Windows "As we pass the one month anniversary of the general availability of Windows 8, we are pleased to announce that to-date Microsoft has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses. Tami Reller shared this news with industry and financial analysts, investors and media today at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference. Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades." Not bad, but there are the usual asterisks, as Ars notes.
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RE[2]: Usage Stats
by Alfman on Wed 28th Nov 2012 17:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Usage Stats"
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"This is called the Customer Experience Improvement Program or something, and is opt-in, and has been for almost a decade. It's very well-documented."

Wow really?

I'd like to know who's included in this because I just finished installing two win7 machines and I did not get any opportunity to opt in or opt out of this. As far as I'm aware these machines are not reporting back to MS.

The pages I found explain vaguely what CEIP is, but not what products it's included for, or when one is prompted to opt in.

What I found for opt out instructions are application specific. Am I right to assume CEIP is only installed with specific applications? Maybe that's why I hadn't seen it before. I don't use outlook, which apparently has CEIP.


There's a bit more information here, it looks it's a part of window 7 too, but I haven't seen the screen that's pictured there. On my copy it's disabled. I'm curious when users are supposed to be asked to opt in, is it possible OEMs just shipped it that way?

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RE[3]: Usage Stats
by lucas_maximus on Wed 28th Nov 2012 19:30 in reply to "RE[2]: Usage Stats"
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It asks on the installation if you want to participate. Most Microsoft programs ask you whether you are willing (including Visual Studio and SQL Server Manager) to send usage data back to them.

I tend to say no, but they do actually say that they send the data anonymously ... it is stated quite clearly.

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