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Gnome Not even GNOME itself could ignore the GNOME 3 criticism for much longer. "As part of the planning for the DropOrFixFallbackMode feature, we've decided that we will compile a list of supported gnome-shell extensions. This will be a small list, focused on just bringing back some central 'classic' UX elements: classic alt tab, task bar, min/max buttons, main menu. To ensure that these extensions keep working, we will release them as a tarball, just like any other module."
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RE[2]: Comment by helf
by Morgan on Thu 29th Nov 2012 07:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by helf"
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Edit: Punctuation use... clarity

Nope, still a bit incoherent. ;)

I tried Evolution for a while, back when it was THE email client on Ubuntu and that was my distro of choice. But I never really liked it; it tried way too hard to be Outlook and failed miserably. I went back to Claws-mail for email and borrowed Kontact from KDE for the rest of my PIM stuff (and suffered through the ugly Qt/GTK mixture).

These days my PIM and email requirements are met by The, Google, which syncs automatically with my phone. I suppose I could still use the KDE tools since they all play nicely with Google's services, but why bother? Just load up my browser and all the default tabs with Google apps make it feel like a PIM suite.

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