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Microsoft Financial analyst Charles Sizemore predicts that over time, a persistent Microsoft will come to not only thrive but dominate in the mobile computing space, because Apple has no "moats" to prevent customer attrition and its insistence at heavily controlling the ecosystem will drive customers away, while Google's offerings are too "shoddy." It's a bold prediction, but I suppose betting on Microsoft to be persistent and build on its strengths is a safe bet. But will persistence and flexibility be enough?
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And I have not seen MS doing better in mobile.

The key here is ECOSYSTEM.

PS If "shabbying" would bother users than Android would not had 70% of smartphones....

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If shabby software meant anything, MS would be a footnote in computer history.

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I used to be a DR-DOS user until I had to change to MS-DOS.

Borland was my tool vendor to go for, until I had to start using Microsoft tools.

Nowadays their tools and OS are actually quite good, but boy did they suck back in the 80's and 90's.

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